I'm Just a (Climate) Bill

I'm Just a Bill

...sitting here on Capitol Hill. The clock is ticking while the American Clean Energy Leadership Act (ACELA) sits in a Senate committee. If you're not a policy wonk (political nerd) the US Senate must vote on this bill before April 16, 2010 or it expires. Apparently, some Senators are willing to let the bill die. If you are concerned about reducing CO2 emissions nationally and growing renewable energy, then it's time to call or write your Senator.

Protect Our Winters has created a helpful map and list of US Senators which shows their current position. Check the list and see where your senators stand on supporting ACELA. Please write or call your senator and ask them to vote for the Clean Energy Leadership Act. Go ahead and send an email, but follow up with a letter or phone call for the old-school legislators in your state.

Those of us who love snowy mountains can see the effects of climate change happening now. We are doing our civic duty by telling our elected representatives know how vital clean energy, the environment and snow are to us. Wow, 'civic duty' is a phrase you don't hear often anymore. But, as a wise man once said 'When the people lead, the leaders will follow'. So, let's get moving.

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