The Snow Code

I Heart Snow

Very simply, climate change is threatening the future of snow sports. Those of us who love skiing and snowboarding should be reducing our carbon footprints today to slow down climate change.

This is a challenge to skiers and snowboarders, let's be the change we want to see in the world. Take the Skier's and Snowboarder's Snow Code challenge and save the snow for yourself and the future.

The Snow Code:
Because I love winter and sliding on snow covered mountains I am working to reduce the effects of Climate Change and preserve snowy winters for the future by taking these steps:
  1. Calculating my carbon footprint and cutting my CO2 emissions.
  2. Reducing my use of fossil fuels and their effect on our environment.
  3. Using the most energy efficient transportation available when I travel.
  4. Choosing snow sports gear and clothing which are more sustainably produced.
  5. Urging the Ski Areas I visit to operate more sustainably.
  6. Voting for climate protection and carbon-reduction policy.

If you agree with the Snow Code and working to save snow sports, create an account and sign on below:


I Love Snow stickers available

If you love snow and winter, there is a new self-adhesive way to tell the world! Send us a request via the contact page and we'll tell you where to mail a S.A.S.E. (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope). Don't wait though, the 'I Love Snow' stickers are a limited edition and we'll run out by spring.