Everyone Jump Upon the Ski Train!

Rio Grande Scenic Ski Train

Get your boot bags together, go bring your ski friends too, ‘cause its getting nearer, it soon will be with you. Yes, the Denver to Winter Park ski train is returning on December 27, 2009. Now called the Rio Grande Scenic Ski Train, the train departs from Union Station in Denver at 7am, arrives at Winter Park at 9:15am. The return trip departs Winter Park at 4:15pm and arrives at Denver at 6:30pm. The ski train will run through March 28, 2010 with a weekend schedule in January, adding Thursday and Friday service in February and March.

The return of the ski train is great for Denverites who want to skip the I-70 traffic jam. You will miss the bumper-to-bumper mayhem, possible weather-related delays and the train provides lift-side service to Winter Park Ski Resort. From the Winter Park station there are shuttles to Mary Jane and nearby communities and lodging. Breakfast is available for the morning ride and snacks and drinks can be purchased on the ride back to Denver. All told, the ski train looks like a more comfortable and fun way to get to and from Winter Park than driving I-70.

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