Blowing Out the Cobwebs

Early Season Training 1 - Making New Friends
Early Season Training 2 - First Turns
Early Season Training 3 - Leg Strengthening Exercises
Early Season Training 4 - Dynamic Balance

I'm always a bit rusty at the start of each ski season. Preparation starts in my closet as I swap cycling gear for ski equipment. Bags and bins are dumped to assess the condition of gloves, socks and shells. Skis, boots and poles are checked to see which will serve one more season, get sold at the local ski swap or recycled. I don't buy new gear often, but it's fun to add new boards to the quiver and replace battered boots.

The gear tune-up is easy, the personal tune-up takes more work. They say you shouldn't try to ski yourself into shape, but skinning up the mountain should help. I rediscover muscles forgotten despite a spring, summer and fall full of mountain biking. My first turns of the season may not be pretty, especially on tricky snow, but they do feel great!

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