Ski Lessons from 1941

Wow! Ski equipment and techniques have evolved radically in the past 70 years. But, the fundamentals are the same. Stance and balance, edging skis and flexing legs all still apply on 'modern' skis and boots. Using and maintaining your ski equipment is still important and fortunately easier now. Today, we have ski bindings that release, warmer plastic boots and easier turning 'shaped' skis. I would be interested to try out the circa 1941 ski equipment for a few runs, but I'm definitely not giving up my current gear.

I'm not giving up new ski techniques either. Just as skis, boots and bindings keep evolving, so are the ways we use them. Check out these videos from the Professional Ski Instructors Association and American Association of Snowboard Instructors to see how skiing and snowboarding are changing. If you haven't taken a ski or snowboard lesson in a few years (or ever) you should give it a try. You deserve a ski lesson more up to date than a 1941 U.S. Army training film.

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