Climate Change

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Global Warming, Weather Weirding, What happens above 350 ppm CO2

Does Your Ski Area Make The Grade?

Ski Area Citizen's Coalition

It's been quite a while since I've brought home a report card, but I remember it pretty well. A report card with all 'A's was great (although rare), but grades lower than 'B' were cause for a long conversation with my parents. The '09/10 report cards are out for ski areas in the Western United States. Unfortunately, I feel like it's time to have a long conversation with the ski areas in my state. The nearby ski areas have earned no 'A's, a few 'B's and one 'C'. Not a stellar grade point average for my area.

Can the Vancouver Winter Olympics be Carbon Neutral?

Rock Cairn in snow

The modern Olympic Games are a showcase for athletic competition and for the city and country that host them. Vancouver, British Columbia will host the 2010 Winter Olympics and the organizing committee (VANOC) is going all out to present their city at its best.

Going the Extra Step ... to Copenhagen

Alison Gannet in London, England

Getting your point across often requires taking the extra step. Sometimes you have to take several thousand extra steps, just ask Alison Gannett. She is hiking 250 miles from London to Brussels to make the point that Climate Change threatens the existence of snow and glaciers across the planet. To drive her point home, Alison is hiking with a pair of skis strapped on her full backpack!


Powder Day turns

Love the Mountains. Ride the Snow. Reduce your Carbon Footprint.

I fell in love with winter the first time I went sledding as a kid. I have loved snow sports since the first time my father took me skiing at a 300 vertical foot 'mountain' in the midwest. I moved to the Rocky Mountains in the 1990's and that was one of the best decisions I've ever made. In short, I love snowy mountains and I've grown to hate climate change.

The Snow Code

I Heart Snow

Very simply, climate change is threatening the future of snow sports. Those of us who love skiing and snowboarding should be reducing our carbon footprints today to slow down climate change.

This is a challenge to skiers and snowboarders, let's be the change we want to see in the world. Take the Skier's and Snowboarder's Snow Code challenge and save the snow for yourself and the future.

The Snow Code:
Because I love winter and sliding on snow covered mountains I am working to reduce the effects of Climate Change and preserve snowy winters for the future by taking these steps:

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